Rotary drilling

Rotary drilling technology is the classic drilling method for all rotating drilling tools, e.g. for well and geothermal drilling, which are driven by a power rotary head or rotary table.


PDC Non Coring Bits for geothermical and well drilling

Todays PDC technology cannot be thought without them anymore. Above all this PDC drill bits convince you by it´s aboveaverage drill speed and  efficiency in all sedimentary rock formations.
PDC Drill bits are manufactured with steel- or matrix body.
The cutters comprise a polycrystalline diamond lager, produced by using the hig pressure and Temperature manufacturing process.
BC drilling tools offers you a large range of standard and Premium PDC Drill Bits with 3/5 or 6 Wings


Steel tooth and TCI Rock Bits
New or rerun ex oilfield quality
From Ø 2 15/16” to 36”
All IADC Codes

Step Typ Three Wings Bits

from Ø 3 ½” to 17 ½”

Extension Bits

with Carbide cutters

Flush Drill Pipes

all in friction welded version

Drill Collars and Stabilizers

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Product samples