Core drilling

The supreme discipline in drilling technology, which places the highest demands on man, drilling rig and drilling tools. BC Drilling tools GmbH offers you a wide range of core drilling equipment for vertical, inclined and horizontal core drilling.


Wire Line Drilling

Such as CSK-176/146, Geobor-S, SK6L, PQ, HQ,NQ,BQ,AQ, HXB II, NXB II.
For all geological formations from extremely soft to ultra hard. The best and fastest method to obtain an excellent core quality even in very deep boreholes.

Double Tube Core

Such as T-Series, D-Serie, SF Series.
The classic core barrel in sedimentary and fragile, soft to hard geological formations for shallow wells.

Single Tube Core Systems

Such as B-Series.
Probably the simplest and cheapest variant of a core barrel. Used in compact and solid rock formations.

Screw Extendable Drilling

From Ø 20 to Ø 330 mm.
Can be used for reconstuction and wall penetrations where a drill core is required. Ideally suited for drill holes in which concrete, reinforcing iron, steel girders or steel sheets are processed. Available without core lifter


For all corebits for all common core barrel systems. Whether ultra hard or extremely soft rock, we have the right core bit for your applications:

  • Diamond Impregnated Core Bits
  • PDC or Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Core Bits
  • TSD or Thermally Stable Diamond Core Bits
  • Surface Set Diamond Core Bits
  • TC or Tungsten Carbide Core Bits

Drilling rods for core drilling technology


For corig in loosely lagered gravels and sands we offer:
Düsterlohhammers with Ø 120/140 and 160 mm
Drill Bailers even with Inliners
Casings and Casingshoes with prewelded connectors from Ø 168,3 – 521 mm


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